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In the News

Minnesota Emerges as the Midwest’s Leader in the Clean Energy Transition

May 31, 2023 Inside Climate News Aydali Campa Six months ago, John Delurey, the senior regional director at Vote Solar, would have said that Illinois “sits on the shoulders of some of the most robust and equitable climate legislation in the country and region.” But after this year’s legislative session, Minnesota is giving Illinois a…

A guide to the Minnesota DFL’s 100% carbon-free standard

January 27, 2023 MinnPost Walker Orenstein The DFL bill that would steer utilities toward a carbon-free electric grid is simple in concept: All electric utilities in the state would be asked to use 100% emissions-free energy by 2040. But the proposal — which Democrats have advanced through the Legislature at lightspeed in January — is really…

Xcel drops request to raise electric rates next year

December 7, 2022 MPR News Kirsti Marohn Xcel Energy has dropped a controversial request for a $122 million electric rate increase next year. Minnesota’s largest electric utility, which serves 1.3 million customers in Minnesota, requested to raise rates about 21 percent over three years.  Last year, the state Public Utilities Commission granted Xcel an interim…

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