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Save Money and Energy


Save Money and Energy

The actions that are best for the planet are also best for our pocketbooks! Improving the efficiency of your home is often the most cost-effective way to save money on energy.

Do It Yourself:

Check out CUB's energy efficiency tips and our energy conservation rebate and discount finder below. All major gas and electric utilities in Minnesota are required by law to offer programs to help their customers save energy and money – such as free low-flow showerheads or rebates on air sealing, insulation, and efficient appliances.

Select your utility here to find out what rebates and deals are available to you:

(Note that conservation programs for business customers are sometimes on a separate website.)

Home Energy Audit:

For an in-depth review of energy efficiency measures needed in your home, consider a home energy audit. Customers of many utilities can get audits at a deep discount or even free.

FREE Virtual Home Energy Visits:

The Home Energy Squad (HES), provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy, is here to help with a new free service: the Virtual HES Visit. HES will take you on a home walk-through via video chat, and together they'll help find ways to reduce your energy bills while keeping indoor air clean and healthy.

Participating in a Virtual HES Visit will not disqualify you from receiving a future in-person visit from our team. After the consultation, HES may recommend an in-person energy audit when the time is right. And they may find that your home could benefit from some free, energy-saving products that can be installed in the future too.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP):

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides Energy Assistance-qualified households the funds to make their home more energy efficiency and lower their utility bills long term.

Home Energy Guides:

Check out these guides to learn how to save money and energy in your home:
For renters
For landlords
For single-family homeowners
For manufactured homeowners

Energy Assistance:

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) provides financial help to income-qualified households for covering natural gas, electric bills, and heating fuels (including delivered fuels). Applications typically open on October 1 and must be postmarked or received by EAP on or before May 31. Also, energy assistance enrollment may qualify for weatherization services.

Find your Energy Assistance provider by county or tribal government. You can also find a local Energy Assistance provider by calling 1-800-657-3710. Assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Find out details and how to apply from the State of Minnesota.

Use our energy assistance finder to help find your service provider by county or tribal government.


Electricity and gas affordability programs

Income-qualified households in many areas can receive discounts on their electric or gas service through their utility. Each utility’s program is different, so contact your utility to find out if you qualify, what the program offers, and how to apply.

Cold Weather Rule:

If you are behind on your electric or natural gas bill, your service will not be shut off as long as you make a payment plan with your utility and make timely payments on that plan. It is a common misconception that your utilities cannot be shut off during the winter months -- you must contact your utility and work out a payment plan. The utility is required by law to arrange a plan that considers your household's financial circumstances and any extenuating circumstances that you face. If you have trouble arranging an acceptable payment plan with your utility, contact the Public Utilities Commission Consumer Affairs Office for assistance at 800-657-3782 or

Tax-free heating fuel:

The primary fuel that you use to heat your home is exempt from taxes from November through April under Minnesota law. You can see whether taxes are being charged by looking at your monthly bill, and you may need to notify your utility if they are not aware that your home is primarily heated by electricity.

Budget Billing:

Most utilities provide budget billing options. This allows you to pay a generally consistent, average bill each month rather than your bills fluctuating greatly from season to season. This won’t save you money, but it can help your household better manage energy budgets. Contact your utility about enrolling in this program. You typically need to have been a customer for a year before you are eligible.

If you are falling behind on your utility bills and worried about your service being shut off, Minnesota has consumer protections to help you keep your service on and catch up on overdue bills. Click here to learn more.


Feel free to contact CUB with any questions — or even if you’d just like us to look over your energy bills for savings opportunities. There’s never a charge for our services. You can reach us here, or call us at 651-300-4701.

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