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Update on Minnesota Power’s request to delay its Integrated Resource Plan filing

Published August 4, 2020

Last month I wrote about CUB’s comments filed with the Public Utilities Commission (the “Commission”) in Docket 16-664 recommending that the Commission deny Minnesota Power’s (the “Company”) request to extend the deadline for its Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”). As noted in our comments, the Company’s IRP filing deadline had been extended twice before. CUB argued that a third extension would cause an unreasonable amount of time to pass between the Company’s IRP filings.

In a hearing on July 30, 2020, the Commission heard CUB’s and others’ arguments on the extension request. Ultimately, the Commission agreed to extend the Company’s filing deadline for the third time but limited the extension to four months, rather than the six months requested by the Company. The Company’s new IRP filing deadline will be February 1, 2021. The Commission also clarified its expectations on the Company’s securitization plan. The Company will be required to file a securitization plan with its next IRP filing, and an interim securitization report in November 2020.  

CUB remains concerned about the lack of transparency into the Company’s resource planning that continues as a result of this extension. However, we are pleased that the Commission limited the extension to four months and appreciate Commissioners’ comments acknowledging the importance of timely IRP filings. We look forward to reviewing the Company’s securitization report and, ultimately, the Company’s IRP in order to continue our advocacy work on behalf of Minnesota residents in the Company’s service territory.

Author: Brian Edstrom

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