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CUB Services

CUB Services

CUB is here to help with your utility questions. Our experts provide presentations and individualized consultations to anyone in Minnesota at no charge thanks to the generous support of CUB’s members.


Energy consultations and utility bill clinics

Pratt Utility Bill Clinic

Have a question or complaint about your utility service? CUB’s expert advisers are here for any Minnesota residential or small business utility customer. Our staff has extensive knowledge of utility policy and programs and can inform you of your options and help you identify the best strategies for your household.

At our utility bill clinics, CUB staff provides consultations at a convenient location or over the phone during a set period of time. Attendees bring their utility bills for 30-minute consultations. Our experts review their utility bills and discuss ideas to save money or get renewable power.

Check our upcoming events to find any utility bill clinics near you, or contact us to set up a one-on-one consultation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you don’t have a specific question or complaint but would just like an expert to give your bills a once-over.


Educational presentations

IPS Solar Presentation

CUB staff provides educational presentations at work sites, congregations, libraries, community groups, and more. We help consumers understand their utility bills, highlight ways to reduce energy costs and make attendees aware of programs and rebates for which they may be eligible. Other popular topics include energy policy and industry trends, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and income-based programs. Each presentation is customized to address the audience’s specific areas of interest.



CUB staff is available to table at fairs, business expos, community events, and more. We can answer questions about energy-related matters as well as provide one-on-one energy consultations at the event.

Mac-Groveland Home Improvement Fair

Upcoming events

All are welcome at CUB’s public events. Find out about upcoming events and feel free to invite CUB to hold an event in your area through our contact form below. CUB also provides private events by invitation.

If you are interested in inviting CUB to speak or provide energy consultations to your organization or community group, or if you have questions or complaints about your utility service, let us know with the form below.

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