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October is Energy Awareness Month! How energy aware are you?

At the request of the Citizens Utility Board, Governor Dayton has declared October Energy Awareness Month in Minnesota.  With this proclamation, Governor Dayton is emphasizing the importance energy plays in our lives and in the economy of Minnesota.  It’s a great time for all of us to think about how and when we use energy.

How much do you think about your energy use?  Maybe when you get your bill?  Maybe when its really hot or really cold?  Many are lucky enough not to have to think about it much at all because its reliable and they can afford it.  Others may spend a good amount thinking about it, perhaps because it’s a struggle to pay bills and/or because they are concerned about the environmental impact of energy use.

Energy Awareness Month is a good reason to spend some time thinking about energy, because it is in everyone’s interest that we use energy wisely.  Using only what we need and reducing usage during peak demand periods helps ensure our energy is reliable and affordable.  The energy we use is also getting cleaner thanks to more renewables contributing to the grid.  This helps our health, our bills, and the environment.

We like to promote that the cleanest, cheapest energy is the energy you never use in the first place.  A great way to celebrate Energy Awareness Month is to identify ways you can use less energy.  To get you started, here is a breakdown from the Minnesota Department of Commerce on how an average house in Minnesota uses energy:

The areas of highest energy consumption are usually the best places to look to reduce use, save money, and reduce your environmental impact.  Adjust your thermostat a few degrees, reduce the amount of hot water you consume, use appliances efficiently, turn the lights off when you leave a room, and turn off or unplug electronics when not in use.

This is just as a sampling.  Here are some additional seasonal tips for this fall, and you can request an energy bill consultation to get even more ideas specific to your unique household.

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Happy energy saving — Happy Energy Awareness Month!


Author: Carmen Carruthers

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  1. Assaf Rosenkrantz Posted on October 15, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    I’d like to get sim further and additional,info and information,about you!!
    Assaf Rosenkrantz!!!

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