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Next adventure: CUB’s outreach intern, Inonge, to move on to new position

After one year as an intern, it is with bittersweet regret and a deep well of gratitude that I announce I will be leaving CUB. While I may be leaving CUB I plan to continue working in the energy field where I will be working on energy-efficient and sustainable buildings as well as supporting initiatives for sustainable affordable housing.  

When I started my environmental career at Macalester College I never imagined I would be this involved with energy issues and discussions. I have been so fortunate to be able to participate in policy and community conversations and activities around energy issues and solutions. CUB has been an amazing learning experience. One where I have grown tremendously professionally and personally. Whether I am tabling at an outreach event, trying to share our services, or meeting with community partners I have been encouraged to use my voice and share my ideas. 

Interning at CUB for a whole year also allowed me to be part of the Energy Efficiency Peer Learning Cohort from when it began until the near end of its first series. I gained valuable insight into community engagement practices, particularly with historically underserved communities, and the importance of making people feel that they have agency. I also learned the importance of teamwork as well as insight into how to have conversations about complex issues and strategies to address gaps in energy systems, policies, and programs. I not only learned the importance of using my voice but also the importance of active listening, transparency, and accountability. I want to thank everyone in the planning team as well as our cohort members for teaching me so much and demonstrating your commitment and devotion to energy justice and equity.

The people at CUB are driven-team players who have welcomed me and invested in making my internship experience rewarding. I especially want to thank Carmen for being such a great advisor. Encouraging me out of my shell, giving me new and interesting things to do, and always willing to brainstorm ideas with me! I am so happy they decided to keep me this long.  This experience has been so rewarding and impactful and I am excited to see how CUB continues to grow. 

Author: Inonge Mubita

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