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Home electrification options being promoted to metro residents

Published February 27, 2023

Four Twin Cities metro communities—Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, and St. Louis Park—have created an initiative to give guidance to residents on how to use more clean energy in their home. The initiative is called Electrify Everything MN. The cities hope that increasing interest in electrification will help reduce community emissions and advance their climate goals.

Electrification is the process of transitioning to equipment and appliances that use electricity and away from those that use fossil fuels. You may be hearing more about home electrification these days: do induction stoves and heat pumps sound familiar? While we all know about electric vehicles, electrification extends to multiple other household systems and appliances.

When the Inflation Reduction Act was passed last summer, it created numerous financial incentives to make your home more energy efficient. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of questions about why to do this, how to switch out appliances, when to make changes, and what it will cost. Electrify Everything is intended to help residents think through these questions, weigh options, and take action. 

This effort is a collaboration between the cities of Eden Prairie, Edina, Minneapolis, and St. Louis Park with support from the Center for Energy and Environment. The Citizens Utility Board and Minnesota Renewable Now will be helping with outreach activities. We hope the effort will grow to include more communities across the state.  

The Electrify Everything team will be attending numerous community events this year. CUB hopes to see you at these community events this spring! Please look for additional updates on this effort in future blogs.

Author: Hannah Hoeger

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