Energy Podcasts to Listen to this Month

It’s Energy Awareness Month! If you are interested in staying up to date with the latest trends, research and debates on energy here are some trending podcasts for you to listen to throughout your day. Whether you are already an avid follower of energy news or are interested in beginning your journey into the energy world these podcasts are a great way to stay informed on what is happening nationally and internationally.

The Energy Gang

The Energy Gang podcast is an energy business show that hosts weekly discussions and debates on the latest trends in energy, clean technology and renewables’. Once you subscribe, make sure to fill out their survey to get energy news most catered to your interests!





Hosted by journalist Stephan Lacey and Shayle Kann. The Interchange provides weekly updates on global energy transformations. Follow them for an in-depth look at technology, policy changes, energy markets, and energy data.




Direct Current – An Podcast

From the U.S. Department of Energy’s digital team in Washington D.C. Direct Current provides information on how we generate and use electricity. They also provide updates on science that is driving the global energy transition.





The Energy Transition Show

At the Energy Transition Show host Chris Nelder invites several energy exports to explore global infrastructure and markets on the transition from fossil fuels towards renewables. Tune in to get the latest developments in research, policy and market events driving the transition to renewable energy.





Columbia Energy Exchange

Hosted by Bill Loveless, the Columbia Energy Exchange podcast aims to bring energy experts and leaders from government agencies, academia, businesses, and civil society to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges faced by various energy sources. Loveless’s weekly discussions will provide insight on some of the implications energy decisions may have nationally and internationally.




Local Energy Rules

The Local Energy Rules podcast is a project by the Energy Democracy Initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Resilience. The podcast is hosted by the Director of Energy Democracy John Farrell and Research Associate Marie McCoy who meet twice a month to share local renewable energy success stories as well as some of the barriers to expanding renewable energy. This is a great podcast to learn how different local leaders are working towards a 100 percent renewable energy economy.




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Author: Inonge Mubita

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  1. Rao Konidena Posted on January 15, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    Dear Inonge Mubita,

    Thanks for a comprehensive summary of all podcasts. I did not know that there were so many quite honestly. Rao

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