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Are You Due a Rebate? Don’t Miss the Deadline

We know the end of the year can get very busy. Sorry to suggest yet another item on your to do list, but it’s our job to help you save money! So, CUB wants to remind you to get in your paperwork for utility-based rebate programs before the end of the year.

If you bought an energy efficient water heater, furnace, cooling system or other energy efficient items for your home in the last year, you could be eligible for a rebate from your local utility. Utilities provide rebates for a wide variety of items so it’s a good idea to get familiar with their programs, especially when you are purchasing larger ticket items for your home. Back in August, CUB posted a blog that listed some of the most common items that are rebate eligible. Check it out.

If you need just a little bit of motivation to get the paperwork filled out- remember that you help pay for these rebates through your utility bills. Utilities collect small amounts of money on your energy bills to fund the Conservation Improvement Program.   So, when it’s your turn to request a rebate, please do. Using energy-efficient items helps you save money long term, and it helps everyone by reducing the need to build additional power plants.

Some of these programs are first come first serve and can run out of money. The sooner you send in the rebate forms, the better. If home improvements or repairs didn’t happen this year but are in your future for 2018, make applying for a rebate part of those plans. Happy Energy Savings!

Author: Carmen Carruthers

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