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CUB to partner with CERTs Seed Grant recipients

Published January 25, 2022

CUB is excited to share that the Clean Energy Resource Teams have awarded 74 Seed Grants throughout the state. Seed Grants are awarded every two years and help community focused organizations initiate energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The projects selected are meant to be innovative and promote the benefits of clean energy and efficiency. This year also included additional funding for projects intended to serve under-resourced communities. This was described on the CERTs website:  

… CERTs defines underserved populations as energy burdened communities — those who spend more than 5% of their income on energy costs — and other groups historically excluded from energy decisions and opportunities. This includes (but is not limited to) Black, Indigenous and People of Color, immigrants, low income, disabled, women, LGBTQ+ communities, and geographically isolated communities.

CUB is happy to be providing in-kind services to help with four projects that will help address energy burden across Minnesota.

CUB will be partnering with the following communities and organizations:

City of Maplewood: Clean Energy for All

The City of Maplewood will be conducting a study to find creative ways to reduce the energy burden of historically underserved residents of three manufactured home parks. The goal is to help them save energy and money and investigate the potential for solar. CUB will assist by providing energy bill consultations to those community members.

Unidos MN Education Fund: Energy Justice Pueblitos

Unidos works with Latinx communities around the state. Their grant will be used to develop customized information materials about energy efficiency and help connect people with resources to reduce their energy expenses. CUB will train a cohort of community experts to conduct energy bill consultations.

City of Bloomington: Energy Resource Workshops

The City of Bloomington seeks to address energy burden, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from residential energy use, and improve community health. The city is planning to host three community workshops to help connect residents to energy resources such as energy efficiency programs and bill assistance programs. Spanish and Somali translators will be onsite. CUB will assist with the workshop planning, will train community members working at the workshop, and be on site to provide support.   

Project Fine: Understanding Your Energy Bill

Project Fine works with refugee and immigrant communities in Southeast Minnesota. CUB will provide an educational session on the basics of energy bills, energy expenses, and efficiency measures. We will also provide bill consultations for households served by Project Fine.  

Congratulations to all the 74 projects that received funding!  We are excited to be helping out with a few of them.

Author: Carmen Carruthers

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