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CUB Illinois helps dad cut his electric bill in half

Published September 30, 2016

Here’s a story from our partners at the Citizens Utility Board of Illinois. This is the kind of service we are now providing here in Minnesota, and many similar utility programs exist here for us to take advantage of.

If you have a question or concern about your bills or your service, we’re happy to help. Contact us any time.

A father of three from the Chicago area called CUB Illinois after discovering he was spending $300 a month on electricity. CUB Illinois helped him cut his bill in half.

After hearing his dilemma, CUB Illinois instructed him to sign up for his utility’s Home Energy Assessment program. It offers participants a free personalized energy assessment, and installation of free and discounted energy-saving products, such as smart power strips and efficient light bulbs.

Immediately, the dad scheduled an appointment. The assessment revealed that his family was using three times more electricity than the neighbors.

“Our home was a classic example of people wasting energy,” he said. “We constantly kept the lights on and all our appliances plugged in.”

After taking efficiency actions, his power bill shrunk to $150—half what it used to be.

Author: Annie Levenson-Falk

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