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Consumer Spotlight: CUB services support employee sustainability at Best Buy

This March and April, CUB has frequented Best Buy Headquarters to work with employees on ways they can save money and energy in their homes.

We have been partnering with Halston Sleets, the Associate Manager of Best Buy’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Team, to provide money-saving presentations and energy consultations. In her role, Halston has the opportunity to work throughout the company on many different issues. This is a good fit, as Halston sees sustainability as being the nexus of many different issues including health, equity, and justice.

Halston began working in the sustainability field to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in this important conversation. According to Halston, until recently, many people did not consider sustainability in their day-to-day work or activities. This has changed considerably over the last few years. Now, sustainability has become important to large organizations as well as individuals.

Environmental stewardship and sustainability is important to both Best Buy’s customers and employees, Halston says. Employees are focused on staying up to date on energy trends and energy efficient products to provide the most up to date information to their customers. Employees are also focused on sustainability and energy efficiency in their own lives, and Best Buy wants to create a culture that fosters those values.

This is where Halston’s work with CUB comes in. People hear a lot about being more sustainable and more efficient in their own lives but that can also be difficult. This is where strong support on employee education in workplaces can have a major impact on people’s lives. By hosting CUB’s outreach services for their employees, people have a much better idea of what is possible and how it can benefit both themselves and their communities.

Sustainability and energy efficiency is a cycle. According to Halston, “One of the benefits of having CUB in to work with Best Buy employees is that by providing energy consultations and presentations, CUB as been able to put a face to the issue and really personify sustainability.” By educating employees on this subject they are more knowledgeable about an important subject that is not only has major benefits in their own lives, but also the lives of their customers.

Author: Ben Bratrud

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