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Add Some Energy to Your Work Place- Invite CUB to a Lunch and Learn

Published August 31, 2017

Looking for an interesting lunch and learn topic for your employees and coworkers? CUB is here to help! Fall is a great time of year to promote energy saving tips and talk about renewable energy options. As our temperatures go down, heating bills go up. Its a perfect time to get ideas of how to keep your bills as low as possible. Additionally, October is Energy Awareness Month so that’s another great reason to talk about energy.

CUB would be happy to come to your workplace and give a customized presentation over the lunch hour or another time that’s convenient. Here’s a sampling of potential topics that can be covered:

  • Understanding your utility bill: Why do you pay what you pay, and how can you reduce those bills?
  • Greening your energy use: Sorting through your renewable energy options
  • Smart homes: Understanding how home technology can help you manage energy use
  • Energy trends: Big picture discussion about changes in energy generation, distribution, and usage

We can also provide free one-on-one energy bill consultations at your workplace.

  • Utility bill clinic: Employees bring their gas and electric bills, spend 20 minutes with CUB staff, and leave with a list of suggestions to reduce their energy and save money

To organize an event, give Carmen a call at 612-568-5706 or send email to

Author: Carmen Carruthers

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