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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The below strategic plan was adopted by CUB’s board of directors in 2020. Based on this plan, CUB sets an annual work plan each year with measurable objectives each year. Each employee has their own work plan — their piece of the organization’s overall goals. At each of its meetings, the board of directors evaluates progress toward annual objectives and discusses any adjustments that may be necessary in order to make sure that CUB is on track with the strategic direction that has been set.

A full copy of CUB’s strategic plan is attached at the bottom of this page.

I. Mission

CUB champions affordable, reliable, safe, and clean home energy for all Minnesotans.

II. Vision

Clean energy systems support a comfortable quality of life for all Minnesotans.

III. Values

These core principles guide CUB’s approach, both internally and externally. The organization strives to carry out these values in all aspects of our work, and employees and representatives of the organization are expected to uphold these values in all decision making and activities. CUB is:

  • Effective
  • Ethical
  • Trustworthy
  • Equitable
  • Empathetic

IV. Commitment to Equity

The Citizens Utility Board’s role as a consumer advocate drives us to address historic and persistent inequities related to Minnesota’s energy systems. CUB seeks to align power and resources equitably both within our organization and externally in the systems in which we advocate. Read more about our organization’s commitment to equity here.

V. Priorities

  • Priority 1: Promote affordability, equitable treatment, and access to energy services for all Minnesotans.
  • Priority 2: Promote a rapid, cost-effective, and equitable transition to clean home energy.
  • Priority 3: Advocate for utility transparency and accountability, and fairness between utilities and Minnesotans.
  • Priority 4: Ensure CUB is a sustainable and resilient organization that lives out its values.

VI. Programs


CUB’s outreach program provides a variety of resources for Minnesotans. Our expert staff advises hundreds of Minnesotans each year on their rights, resources, and responsibilities to avoid utility shutoffs or get service reconnected. CUB consultations help people reduce home energy expenses, figure out the best options for reducing home emissions, and answer whatever home energy-related questions they may have. We provide information and resources in partnership with communities across the state, and we work together with local organizations to help develop approaches tailored to specific communities. These efforts also provide CUB with a greater understanding of the experiences of Minnesotans in a variety of circumstances and served by a variety of utilities. CUB’s outreach program is vital in informing the organization’s policy advocacy.


CUB aims to be a voice for Minnesotans in important policy and regulatory decisions regarding energy service, primarily at the state Public Utilities Commission and the legislature. CUB’s team of advocates works for a rapid, cost-effective transition to clean energy that benefits the public – including communities that have long borne the negative impacts of our energy systems. We fight for affordable rates and stand up to utility companies and their shareholders. 


CUB aims to be the leading voice for Minnesota energy consumers in the media and public conversation. CUB employs its own communications channels and earned media coverage to provide timely and useful resources to the public, inform public opinion, and share information about important energy policy topics. CUB’s communication program supports all aspects of our work.


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