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Commitment to Equity

Commitment to Equity

The Citizens Utility Board’s role as a consumer advocate drives us to address historic and persistent inequities related to Minnesota’s energy systems. CUB seeks to align power and resources equitably both within our organization and externally in the systems in which we advocate.

Externally: CUB seeks to address systemic injustices within energy systems, particularly with respect to:

  • Income, energy burden, and affordability.
  • Race, ethnicity, and immigration status.
  • Homeownership status.
  • Geography.

To do so, CUB seeks policy changes, programs, and partnerships that equalize the opportunities for all Minnesotans to:

  • Afford energy.
  • Participate in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other opportunities to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of energy use.
  • Live free from the impacts of pollution, climate change, and other negative effects of energy infrastructure.
  • Gain fair-paying jobs and the financial benefits of energy industries.
  • Influence decision making, including by increasing representation of historically disenfranchised groups.

Internally: CUB works to make sure the organization is an equitable employer by ensuring:

  • CUB’s policies, practices, and the way that we use resources within our workplace, with consultants, and in our partnerships and purchases in the community promote justice.
  • Equitable pay for all individuals commensurate with their job duties, experience, and performance regardless of race; gender, gender identity, sexual orientation; age; religion; disability; or other immutable characteristics.
  • All employees and board members are provided with resources to succeed in their positions.

We recognize that inequities exist in other areas, as well, that may not be currently reflected in these priorities. We regularly reexamine the priorities listed in this document as opportunities and needs develop.

This equity framework informs CUB’s strategic plan and annual work plans, employee handbook and internal policies, job descriptions, and other policies and documents of the organization. We revisit this equity framework regularly and intend for it to be a document by which we and others may hold the organization accountable.

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