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The Consumers Plan: Cleaner, less costly electricity for Xcel customers

  • 6:00 pm

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

6:00-7:30 pm

Xcel is in the midst of its integrated resource plan, or IRP, a plan required by Minnesota law that lays out how it will provide electricity to its customers for the next 15 years. For Xcel customers, this plan largely decides how much of your energy will come from coal, gas, wind, solar, and nuclear, as well as a great deal about the programs that Xcel will offer for energy conservation and similar opportunities.

CUB analyzed Xcel’s options and developed the Consumers Plan: an alternative that will save customers $1 billion per year while reducing emissions faster than Xcel’s proposal and avoiding risky new investments in fossil fuel power plants. (Read more about the Consumers Plan here.)

The IRP is now before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, who will decide whether to require Xcel to make changes to its plan like those that CUB is requesting.

Join us at this event to learn more.

You will leave this event:

  • Understanding what an IRP is and the PUC’s decision-making process.
  • Understanding what Xcel has proposed and the alternative Consumers Plan.
  • Feeling prepared to make your voice heard as a customer.

You can also support the Consumers Plan by submitting a public comment asking the PUC to adopt it. Submit a comment here.

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