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Insights to Better Serve BIPOC, low-income, and Renter Communities with Energy Efficiency Programs

  • 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


While Minnesotans across our state are impacted by energy burden, BIPOC, renters, and communities with lower incomes experience energy burden at a higher rate than the overall population. Energy efficiency programs can alleviate energy burden by reducing energy consumption and expense as well as provide other critical benefits such as making a home more comfortable and healthier.

This CARD research project focused on identifying improvements to energy efficiency program design to increase energy savings of underserved populations. The webinar will highlight key factors that impact the participation in energy efficiency programs for three subject communities (selected on the basis of energy burden, race and ethnicity, homeownership status, housing type, and language):

Black homeowners in North Minneapolis and surrounding areas
Hispanic/Latinx renters in South Minneapolis and East St. Paul
Rental property owners/managers in South Minneapolis and East St. Paul
Panelists from the research team will share insights gathered through surveys, interviews and focus groups, and present ideas of how to modify existing programs and design new programs to better serve these populations.

This research was a team effort consisting of the Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota (project manager and grant recipient), consultants from Efficiency for Everyone, TerraLuna Collaborative, the University of Minnesota Chan Lab, and staff from Community Power and the City of Minneapolis. The project also included a Steering Committee composed of representatives from community, utilities and energy organizations.

Join us on Wednesday, July 13 to better understand the barriers to participation in energy efficiency programs that these homeowners may face and the opportunities for program adaptations to address those barriers.


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