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Energy Equity & the Proposed Rate Hikes

  • 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


7:00-8:00 p.m.

Minnesota’s two largest electricity providers want to raise their rates for residential customers—Xcel Energy by 21% and Minnesota Power by 18%. If approved by the Public Utilities Commission, these rate hikes would be a blow to lower-income communities living on fixed incomes who are already behind and struggling to pay their bills.

Join our Community Connector webinar on August 2 to learn how to protect your rights as a customer and why we need to raise a moral voice for fair, just, and equitable utility rates.

Everyone should have access to affordable and diverse sources of electricity. This is not only about unreasonable and unfair rate cases. It’s a climate justice issue with energy equity at its core.

Get a deeper understanding of why these proposed rate increases are happening. Learn where we are in the process; how you can make a difference no matter your utility provider; and how MNIPL will provide outreach training, support, and the tools you will need to be effective. Event presenters are Kristel Porter, MNIPL’s Energy Revolution Manager; Bret Pence, MNIPL’s Greater Minnesota Director; and Brian Edstrom, Senior Regulatory Advocate with the Citizens Utility Board.

From now until spring 2023, MNIPL will be supporting congregations and spiritual communities to get involved in the Xcel rate case and have your voices of faith and conscience heard. Be part of the Energy Revolution!

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