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Electric and gas rates set to rise across Minnesota

December 27, 2021 MPR News Dan Kraker It’s been a busy few weeks at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The PUC is charged with approving the rates that the state’s regulated utilities can charge for their electric and natural gas service.  And right now, the state’s biggest electric and gas utilities are all requesting rate…

CenterPoint, Xcel file for gas rate increases of over 6%

November 1, 2021 Star Tribune Mike Hughlett Minnesota’s largest natural-gas providers — CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy — Monday asked regulators for a rate increase of about 6.5 %, in standard requests that this year would add to costs that are already soaring for other reasons. Sharp increases in the commodity cost of gas are…

Xcel asks to hike electric rates by $677 million per year

Published November 1, 2021 Xcel Energy is asking state regulators to charge its Minnesota electric customers an additional $677 million each year, increasing revenues by 21.2% over three years. Xcel’s rate increase request must be approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and utilities almost never get the full increase that they ask for….

Xcel seeks 20% electric rate increase over three years

October 26, 2021 MPR News Kirsti Marohn Minnesota’s largest utility, Xcel Energy, is asking to raise its electricity rates by around 20 percent over the next three years. Xcel says it needs the increase to cover the costs of replacing an aging electrical system as it transitions to more renewable energy. It comes at a…

Consumer advocates support Xcel’s workforce development pilot

Published September 2, 2021 In May of 2020, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) opened a docket (the “Economic Recovery” docket) with the goal of identifying possible utility investments that could help Minnesota recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PUC required utilities to provide a report of ongoing, planned, or possible investments…

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