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Are you a community solar garden subscriber? Let us know

The Citizens Utility Board is continuously learning about energy consumers in Minnesota so we can assist them on energy matters to the best of our ability. With community solar programs becoming more popular, CUB staff would like to learn more about how people became involved with these programs and to better understand the customer experience….

Input requested: take the MN Solar Pathways survey

For the past year, CUB’s executive director, Annie Levenson-Falk, has served on the technical committee of the MN Solar Pathways project. This State of Minnesota initiative is evaluating strategies to achieve state’s goal of 10% solar energy by 2030, which will mean increasing the state’s solar generating capacity by as much as 24 times. Over…

CUB helps consumers get refunds for over-paid sales tax

***Note: Since the publication of this article, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has updated its policy. Sales tax is no longer credited to the electricity that a customer generates under a net metering arrangement. For more information, see this Fact Sheet from the Department of Revenue. (See page 3 for net metering.) Published November 8, 2017 Jim…

Residential Solar Options in Minnesota

Published September 19, 2017 Solar power is heating up in Minnesota. While many people think of Minnesota as a cold and snowy state, Minnesota ranks 16th in the nation for solar energy output. Increased renewable energy developments are giving Minnesota consumers new efficient and cost-effective energy options. This blog seeks to help the average residential…

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