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Hefty spike in heating costs expected to hit Minnesotans

November 10, 2021 MPR News Kirsti Marohn Along with chillier weather, Minnesota homeowners should brace for a sharp increase in heating costs expected to hit pocketbooks this winter. Last month, the federal Energy Information Administration predicted that U.S. households will spend 30 to 50 percent more money to heat their homes this winter, depending on…

A Minnesota winter is coming. So are higher heating costs.

October 22, 2021 Sahan Journal Andrew Hazzard Minnesotans will spend more on heating bills this winter, experts and government officials say, but there is also more funding available to help low-income households cover costs.  A rise in global natural gas prices combined with market hangovers from a deep-freeze in Texas earlier this year means that…

Prepare now for heating with delivered fuel

Published July 24, 2020 Thinking about how you are going to heat your home this winter? Maybe not. After all, it’s still the middle of a hot summer! At CUB we think about heating and cooling all year long, so we can help you plan ahead. Just over 12 percent of Minnesotans heat their home…

Homes in winter

Shut-off protections

Published January 3, 2019 Sometimes, depending on the weather or other circumstance, it can be hard to keep up with utility bills and you might fear getting your utilities shut off. Fortunately, Minnesota law contains several protections for consumers. There are a few different instances described below in which your utilities could be potentially shut…

Get your home ready for winter heating

Well, winter came early in some parts of the state. Most of us have probably already had our furnaces turned on for about a month now, so it’s definitely time make sure your furnace or boiler will be in good working order all winter long. Here are a few pointers to help ensure you are…

Apply Now for Help with Energy Bills

Energy Assistance Its that time of year again: cold weather is coming soon and so are heating bills. Are you struggling to keep up with your energy bills or expect to be? Homeowners and renters who meet income guidelines can apply for energy assistance. Energy Assistance is a grant that is paid directly to your…

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