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electric vehicles

New report studies impacts of electric vehicle growth to Minnesota electricity customers

Published November 26, 2019 “Electrification of the transportation sector is imminent.” That is the opening statement of a report released today by research and consulting firm Synapse Energy Economics. The study, entitled “Making Electric Vehicles Work for Utility Consumers,” analyzes the impact that this transition to electric vehicles could have on Minnesotans through our electricity…

Xcel Energy rolling out two new electric vehicle pilots

Published July 9, 2019 In the coming weeks, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is expected to release its Order approving two of several electric vehicle pilot programs from Xcel Energy.  As many of you know, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.  These two pilots take on several challenges…

Considering an electric vehicle?

So, you have decided you are interested in electric vehicles (EVs)? EVs offer lower fuel costs and lower maintenance costs, and they are better for the environment. That said, there are many different questions you may be asking before you purchase. What is an electric vehicle? There are many vehicles out there that are powered…

solar winter sunset

Market forces are driving electrification

A fundamental goal of energy policy has been to reduce the amount of electricity used as much as possible. That is, until recently. Now, the power sector is rapidly changing, more clean energy generation is coming online, and new goals are emerging. We still want to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of our energy…

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