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Sending Out Resumes? MN Officials Suggest Weatherization Jobs

March 17, 2022

Public News Service

Mike Moen

Wind and solar often get attention for job growth in clean energy, and in Minnesota, those who specialize in home weatherization say demand for this type of work shouldn’t be overlooked.

The new federal infrastructure law includes $3.5 billion for weatherization programs, which help low-income households with projects such as furnace repairs and insulation.

The influx of money means crews can help more individuals reduce their energy cost burden and make their homes healthier.

Briana Baker, weatherization auditor for the Minnesota Valley Action Council in Mankato, said to meet community needs, agencies will have to intensify hiring efforts.

“A lot of our staff, especially our really experienced staff, are aging and will be thinking about retirement soon,” Baker pointed out. “So, even before there’s been this sort of change in the job market, we’ve already been knowing that this is something that’s going to be a challenge for us.”

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Author: Hannah Hoeger

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