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Reader’s View: Carbon pricing the energy answer

April 9, 2019 /
Duluth News Tribune

By Katya Gordon

I appreciated the concern expressed in the March 29 letter about transforming to renewable energy (Reader’s View: “100 percent renewables not possible”).

The letter decried a my-way-or-the-highway approach to energy, and I completely agreed. All decisions must be made with shared values and in civil meeting rooms.

I also shared the letter’s concern for low-income families. I urge anyone with this concern to study the research on what happens when carbon is priced and the money is returned to American households ( is a great place to start). Carbon pricing allows consumers, not government, to determine what price they are willing to pay for their energy, and the cash influx makes a huge difference for low-income earners.

Minnesota’s Citizens Utility Board ( exists to serve Minnesotans as utility consumers. Whether you are concerned that the transfer to renewables is too slow or too quick, this nonprofit provides a wealth of resources for those with limited income.

Author: Ben Bratrud

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