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In the News

Xcel Energy requests 21% increase in electricity rates; here’s what that could mean

October 26, 2021 KARE11 Kent Erdahl MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesotans are already bracing for big jumps in heating costs this winter, and now the state’s largest electricity provider, Xcel Energy, is requesting a rate increase of around 20% over the next three years. Xcel is requesting an electricity rate increase of 21.2%, or $677.4 million, between…

Xcel wants to increase Minnesota residential electricity bills by nearly 20%

October 25, 2021 Star Tribune Mike Hughlett Minnesota’s largest electric utility filed its rate case Monday with the state Public Utilities Commission, which must approve it. Xcel Energy on Monday proposed an electricity rate increase of 21.2%, or $677.4 million, over three years, with just more than half hitting Minnesotans’ pocketbooks in 2022. With the…

A Minnesota winter is coming. So are higher heating costs.

October 22, 2021 Sahan Journal Andrew Hazzard Minnesotans will spend more on heating bills this winter, experts and government officials say, but there is also more funding available to help low-income households cover costs.  A rise in global natural gas prices combined with market hangovers from a deep-freeze in Texas earlier this year means that…

Minnesota Power moving to rates that vary by time of day

July 15, 2021 Star Tribune Brooks Johnson DULUTH – Minnesota Power is poised to be the first utility in the state to fully switch to “time of day” electricity rates for residential customers, meaning power is more expensive during certain hours and discounted when it is more readily available. The move is prompted by an…

Updated Minnesota conservation program aims to close ‘pre-weatherization’ gap

July 9, 2021 Energy News Network Frank Jossi Efficiency upgrades can be a financial boost for low-income homeowners, but asbestos, mold and other issues sometimes found in older homes can keep those improvements financially out of reach, even with incentives.  A new Minnesota law aims to bridge that gap. The state’s existing Conservation Improvement Program…

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