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In the News

Minnesota’s new ECO Act will help ease the burdens of energy costs on low-income families, including many people of color

May 28, 2021 Sahan Journal Andrew Hazzard A rare bipartisan bill aims to help Minnesota lower emissions while offering significant savings for low-income families, including many people of color.  Governor Tim Walz signed the Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Act into law May 25. The bill modernizes the state’s Conservation Improvement Program, a long-term energy-…

2021 MN Legislature: ECO Act passes thanks to hard work, collaboration

May 20, 2021 Center for Energy and Environment Mike Bull Minnesota’s regular legislative session ended on May 18 with the biggest clean energy win since 2013, strengthening our most successful energy policy in state history. After six years of hard work and deep bipartisan collaboration, the Energy Conservation and Optimization Act (known as “ECO”) was…

Minnesota legislators agree on first major energy bill in years

May 18, 2021 Star Tribune Mike Hughlett The Minnesota House and Senate agreed this week on expanding the state’s energy conservation program, the most significant energy legislation in recent years. The Energy Conservation and Optimization Act should increase spending by utilities on conservation programs, particularly to low-income households. Gov. Tim Walz is expected to sign…

Minnesota gasps at the financial damage it faces from the Texas freeze

April 22, 2021 The Washington Post Will Englund When that big freeze hit Texas in February, the Lone Star State couldn’t help but share its pain. With its ill-equipped natural gas systems clocked by the cold, Texas’s exports across the Rio Grande froze up and 4.7million customers in northern Mexico went without electricity — more…

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