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Easy Summer Energy Saving Tips

Published July 12, 2017 For most households, their highest electricity bills come in the summer.  This is typically due to using air conditioning, which uses a lot of energy.  On those hot, humid days you may really need to use the AC,  so here are some tips to try to minimize the impact on your…

Xcel Energy Offers Two Renewable Energy Programs

Published July 7, 2017 In April 2017, Xcel Energy rolled out a new renewable energy program called Renewable Connect that allows customers to source their electricity from wind and solar energy. Until recently, there was a waiting list, and now the program is again accepting new enrollees. Renewable Connect is a new addition to Xcel’s…

Minnesota Power asking to increase average residential bill $225 each year

Minnesota Power customers could be paying an average of $225 more than last year for their electric service. Customers who use more electricity than average, including people with electric heat, would see higher increases. Customers that use the least energy, many of whom are seniors and lower-income families, would have the highest proportional rate increase….

2017 Legislative Recap: Moving backwards on energy, but worst bills were prevented

Published June 11, 2017 Though the Legislature had been meeting since January 3, almost all of this year’s bills were passed in “omnibus” packages in the final days. After a contention four-day special session, Governor Dayton signed major bills into law on May 30th. With the exception of an early bill for a new Xcel Energy…

Getting Ready for Higher Summer Electric Rates

Published May 30, 2017 With the Memorial Day weekend comes the unofficial start to the Minnesota summer.  A few days later, on June 1, higher summer electric rates begin for Xcel customers and continue through September. (Lower winter rates are in effect from October through May.)  Residential electric rates go up in the summer to…

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