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Xcel’s Rate Increase Starts October 1

October 1 marks the start of a multi-year electric rate increase for Xcel Energy electric customers. While it is pretty straight-forward to understand that your bills are about to increase, the details behind utility rate increases can be confusing. That’s one reason CUB exists – to help consumers understand their energy bills and provide ideas…

Light Bulb Buyers Guide

The falling cost combined with the performance of LED light bulbs has transformed the way we light our homes and businesses. But, it has also generated a lot of confusion that was not there before. Now, instead of looking just at the watts, there are many different characteristics of an LED light bulb that must…

Apply Now for Energy Assistance and Weatherization

Energy Assistance Are you struggling to keep up with your energy bills? Homeowners and renters who meet income guidelines can apply for energy assistance. Energy assistance is a grant that is paid directly to your energy providers to help cover your heating and electricity bills. Energy Assistance Programs are organized by county or Native American…

Before $350 million charge, make sure power plant is the best choice for customers

Minnesota Power recently proposed to build and own a new natural gas power plant. CUB will be watching closely as the proposal goes through regulatory review to make sure that this investment would be a good deal for consumers. Minnesota’s public utilities are monopoly companies whose investors earn a rate of return on projects like…

Residential Solar Options in Minnesota

Published September 19, 2017 Solar power is heating up in Minnesota. While many people think of Minnesota as a cold and snowy state, Minnesota ranks 16th in the nation for solar energy output. Increased renewable energy developments are giving Minnesota consumers new efficient and cost-effective energy options. This blog seeks to help the average residential…

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