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Think Twice Before You Pay

Citizens Utility Board Intern Details Why You Should Always Analyze Your Utility Bill On average, the typical electric utility customer is not aware of all the charges inside the utility bill he or she is paying for. If you are like me, you will get the bill in the mail every month, open it, be…

Energy Demand-Side Management Benefits Customers

Turning a light on in your home probably doesn’t elicit much thought about the amazing systems and processes that provide your electricity. The electric grid has the capability to supply nearly every American with the power they need, from charging phones to keeping homes cool on hot days, at a moment’s notice. While it’s easy…

Celebrate the Holidays in LED Style

Planning to brighten up your home with lights this holiday season? If you haven’t already switched to LED holiday lights, this could be the year to do it. Compared to traditional incandescent holiday lights, LED holiday lights use way less energy (70- 90% less) and save you money in the long run. Not only will…

Easy Winter Energy Saving Tips

Thanksgiving is around the corner and now we have to accept that winter is upon us and here to stay for a while.   The easy tips below will keep your home comfortable, while also keeping your electric and heating bills in check. Adjust your thermostat. The Department of Energy recommends setting the temperature at…

Xcel’s new vision: 85% carbon free by 2030

Last month, Xcel Energy quietly announced it is taking a big step forward for clean, affordable energy in Minnesota. This vision is good for Minnesota consumers, and CUB thanks Xcel for its leadership. Before Public Utilities Commissioners at a meeting in St. Paul on October 17, Xcel CEO Ben Fowke introduced the company’s new goal…

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