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Xcel’s New Rates are Here

  Did anyone notice a change in their electric bills this month? If you’re an Xcel customer, your bill will look different. As of October 1, 2017, Xcel customers have new electric rates. Xcel estimates an average 8.0% increase for an average residential customer for this initial rate increase. Here is a quick summary of…

CUB helps consumers get refunds for over-paid sales tax

***Note: Since the publication of this article, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has updated its policy. Sales tax is no longer credited to the electricity that a customer generates under a net metering arrangement. For more information, see this Fact Sheet from the Department of Revenue. (See page 3 for net metering.) Published November 8, 2017 Jim…

Great Deals on Home Energy Squad Audits

Winter weather is upon us, and you’ll likely get a reminder of that when you receive your next energy bill.  It’s a good time to think about ways to keep costs as low as possible.  Energy audits are a great way to uncover opportunities to save energy and money.  CUB posted a blog about the benefits…

Energy Star

When purchasing new appliances or electronic equipment, consider looking beyond the price tag and thinking about total cost over the entire time you will have that item, including how much energy it will use. The Energy Star label can help you find equipment that will save you energy – and save you money over the…

Energy Saving Tips Especially for Renters

When talking about energy saving tips, we often get asked, “I’m a renter. What can I do to save energy?” We typically respond: “Quite a lot actually.” There are some obvious limits to renters’ options for controlling energy consumption. For example, renters aren’t likely to go and buy their own energy efficient refrigerator or replace…

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