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Thinking about Energy Efficient Improvements? Look Around for Payment Options

Making your new year to-do list? Maybe building a budget? If you are a homeowner, there are likely quite a few things on your to do list. I’d guess there are a lot of demands on your household budget too: mortgage, insurance, property taxes, maintenance and inevitably some improvements needed or desired. Let’s talk improvements,…

Could a new thermostat save me money and energy?

When there is a new “smart” product or “igadget” out every other day, the important question to always be asking is: How will this new technology benefit me? When heating and cooling account for about half of the energy costs in your home, the benefits of an upgraded thermostat are clear. Traditional thermostats require you…

Homes in winter

CUB seeks consumers protections in new clean energy financing program

This year, I have represented CUB on a state task force to identify consumer protections that would be needed for a new kind of clean energy financing: Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, for residential properties. PACE allows property owners to make energy improvements by taking out loans that they repay through their property tax…

CenterPoint customers: Make your voice heard on proposed rate increase

As I discussed in a blog this fall, CenterPoint Energy has requested to increase its rates for natural gas. Now, state regulators are asking for comments from CenterPoint customers.   The rate increase request CenterPoint needs permission from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in order to increase bills. The PUC must determine that any proposed…

Are You Due a Rebate? Don’t Miss the Deadline

We know the end of the year can get very busy. Sorry to suggest yet another item on your to do list, but it’s our job to help you save money! So, CUB wants to remind you to get in your paperwork for utility-based rebate programs before the end of the year. If you bought…

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