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Consumer Spotlight: CUB services support employee sustainability at Best Buy

This March and April, CUB has frequented Best Buy Headquarters to work with employees on ways they can save money and energy in their homes. We have been partnering with Halston Sleets, the Associate Manager of Best Buy’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Team, to provide money-saving presentations and energy consultations. In her role, Halston has…

support clean energy - tell your legislators

Do you support clean energy? Let your legislators know.

Here at CUB, we talk with people every week about the energy they use at home. From one corner of the state to the other, people’s goals are the same: cheaper and cleaner. We all want to save money and reduce our impact on the environment. Fortunately, clean energy is also the most cost-effective choice. Unfortunately,…

Air source heat pumps, what are they? And how do I know if one is right for me?

Updated March 30, 2021 Here at CUB, we work to provide consumers with reliable information on the latest energy saving technology, so you can make informed decisions related to your energy use. This blog post will inform you on the basics of heat pump technology, and direct you to reliable resources to learn more. What…

capitol line drawing

CUB advances bill to unleash energy data in the consumer interest

You’ve probably seen news coverage of many of the energy-related bills being discussed at the Minnesota legislature so far this year. I want to let you know about one important bill for energy consumers that hasn’t received as much attention. CUB is working with Representative Jamie Long and Senator David Senjem, lead authors on legislation…

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