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Minnesota Capitol

CUB bill will expand public interest representation at the Public Utilities Commission

Published February 22, 2021. Updated March 1 to include Senate File number. A bill being advanced by CUB and the Energy CENTS Coalition at the state legislature would expand the opportunity for public representation at the Public Utilities Commission.  The bill updates a Minnesota law called “intervenor compensation,” which allows people and nonprofits to have…

What can we learn in Minnesota from the Texas blackouts?

Published February 19, 2021 As we are well aware in Minnesota, frigid temperatures have recently descended upon much of the country — in many instances posing a real danger to those without access to reliable heat. This danger has been felt most acutely in Texas, where millions lost power, and some have died because the…

The Consumers Plan: $1 billion savings with cleaner energy for Xcel customers

Published February 11, 2021. Updated July 7, 2021 Minnesota regulators are currently considering Xcel Energy’s plan for how it will generate electricity over the next 15 years. For Xcel customers, this plan largely decides how much of your energy will come from coal, gas, wind, solar, and nuclear, as well as a great deal about…

CUB supports “securitization” to help Minnesota utilities retire aging coal plants

Published February 15, 2021 CUB is tracking several legislative issues arising in this year’s Legislative Session that we believe would benefit Minnesota consumers by driving down the cost of energy. Among those issues is Representative, and Chair of the House Climate and Energy Finance and Policy Committee, Jamie Long’s (DFL-Minneapolis) proposal to enable “securitization” as…

CUB helps consumer with electric heat save hundreds this heating season

Published February 4, 2021 I recently spoke with a woman whose January electricity bill for a rented 2-bedroom duplex was over $500! I had a conversation with her to understand a bit more about her home and her personal situation. I made some initial suggestions that would cut her bill by nearly one-third and also followed…

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