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Xcel is no longer pursuing gas power plant, proposes more renewable power

Published June 28, 2021. Updated July 7, 2021 with information about comment process. On Friday, Xcel Energy announced that it was no longer pursuing its proposed natural gas power plant in Sherburne County (the “Sherco plant”). Xcel said it heard strong opposition to the plant (including from CUB) and took another look to find an…

A Good Year for Energy Policy at the Minnesota Legislature

Published June 23, 2021 Yesterday, the Minnesota Senate followed the House of Representatives and passed this year’s package of energy policy and spending legislation. House File 6 combines commerce and energy provisions. (Energy policy is in Article 8 starting on page 98, if you’re digging into the full bill, or you can read a summary…

Welcome Daurius Mikroberts, CUB’s new outreach and communications intern

Published June 7, 2021 Daurius joined the Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota in June 2021 as the outreach and communications Intern. He will be responsible for assisting with the outreach and communications goals of CUB. Daurius is a student at Saint Paul College pursuing an associate’s degree in Biology. Prior to working with CUB, he…

Welcome Brandon Crawford, CUB’s new summer legal intern

Published June 3, 2021 Brandon joined the Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota in June 2021 as a summer legal intern. He will be conducting legal research and writing to support CUB’s participation in Public Utilities Commission dockets and to help us better understand and share information on emerging energy-related legislation. Brandon is a third-year student at the…

Summer energy saving tips

Published June 3, 2021 According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, heating and cooling comprise 55% of a typical Minnesota home’s energy use. The challenge during these next 3-4 months of warm weather is that using a lot of air conditioning can result in high electricity bills. Below are some tips to try to keep…

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