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IRPs, IDPs, and rate cases — Oh my!

Published September 8, 2021 It will be a busy fall at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. This blog post provides a brief overview of the policy and regulatory work CUB expects to be involved in over the next several months. There are already numerous complex dockets underway before the Commission, including several unique dockets arising…

Consumer advocates support Xcel’s workforce development pilot

Published September 2, 2021 In May of 2020, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) opened a docket (the “Economic Recovery” docket) with the goal of identifying possible utility investments that could help Minnesota recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PUC required utilities to provide a report of ongoing, planned, or possible investments…

CARD grant update

Published September 1, 2021; Updated December 7, 2021 Last January CUB was awarded a Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The purpose of the grant was to complete a research project that will seek improvements to energy efficiency programs to better serve renter, low-income, and Black, Indigenous, and…

Disconnection Notice

All utilities able to resume shutoffs

Published August 17, 2021 During the earlier stages of the pandemic, some utilities were prohibited from disconnecting consumers. As of August 2, all of Minnesota’s utilities are allowed to resume disconnections for past-due bills. If you are behind on your bills, here’s what you need to know. Call your utility and ask to arrange a…

Late summer savings

Published August 11, 2021 Staying in that sweet spot where comfort meets energy savings is an art, and it’s been a hot summer so far. Cooling down is a huge part of your energy bill during the year and, given the heat, we thought we’d give you some tools to lower both your energy bill…

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