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Strategies for equitable energy efficiency program design

Published October 31, 2022 CUB is pleased to share our report: Strategies for Equitable Energy Efficiency Program Design: A toolkit for two high-priority populations in the Twin Cities: Black homeowners and property owners renting to Latinx households (pdf). As a result of nearly two years of work, CUB and our partners produced this report for…

CUB continues to fight Xcel’s request to raise electric rates

Published October 27, 2022 Last year, Xcel Energy filed a request with state regulators to charge its Minnesota electric customers an additional $677 million over the coming years. In its filing, Xcel addresses several reasons why it seeks to raise rates. For example, Xcel notes that it will be incurring additional costs to build new…

Prepare for higher heating costs this winter

Published October 18, 2022 Rising energy costs have been big news across the world this year. As Minnesotans enter the heating season, it’s a concern here too. We’re not fans of sharing bad news, but many of us should expect noticeably higher heating costs this winter. Below are some highlights from the Winter Fuels Outlook provided…

Energy Assistance applications are available now

Published September 29, 2022 Energy bills have been on the rise, and this winter’s heating bills are unfortunately predicted to be even higher than last year. This is likely going to put a strain on many household budgets. We encourage people who meet income guidelines to apply for the Energy Assistance Program. Energy Assistance provides…

Fall offers opportunities for energy savings

Published September 29, 2022 There’s nothing quite like fall in Minnesota. The fall colors and cooler temperatures make it perfect for enjoying the weather outside and inside our homes. When it comes to energy use, early fall and late spring are typically our lowest energy use months because we don’t have to heat or cool…

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