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Minnesota House, Senate support storm-related relief, but far apart on other energy-funding issues

Star Tribune

Mike Hughlett

April 17, 2022

Legislation in both chambers would cushion the blow of huge natural gas price spikes, while the House has ambitious energy-spending plans for items such as weatherization.

The Minnesota House and Senate are in rare agreement on a significant energy issue: cushioning the financial blow to Minnesota natural gas customers from sky-high bills due to natural disasters.

But as the Legislature reconvenes Monday after a weeklong break, the DFL-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate are still far apart on energy-spending proposals.

The House wants to spend $120 million next fiscal year alone. About $30 million would be for weatherization efforts aimed at low-income residents, while another $20 million would go to a new state energy fund.

The Senate’s energy bill calls for spending $13.6 million in the next fiscal year, and is silent on the House’s big-ticket items.

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Author: Hannah Hoeger

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