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Keep your home warm and your energy bills low this winter

Published November 7, 2023

For many Minnesotans, we’ve already received our first snowfall of the season, and though we may be entering into a brief period of warm weather, winter loves to come back with a vengeance. Take a look at our winter energy savings tips to make sure that you’re prepared for the cold months ahead and see if there’s any last-minute upgrades or fixes you can make to keep your home cozy without driving up your energy bills.

You can find all our seasonal energy tips here.

  1. Adjust your thermostat. One of our top tips for energy consumers with a furnace: set the temperature at 68 degrees when you are awake and turn it down (up to 10 degrees) while you are away or asleep. Be sure to never lower the temperature below 55 degrees to prevent frozen pipes.
  2. Use the sun. Open window treatments to let the sun in during the day to heat your home naturally. At night, close them to trap the heat inside.
  3. Cover up air leaks. Use plastic film on windows if they are leaking. Use door draft stoppers to keep cold air out – a rolled-up towel works.
  4. Cook and bake efficiently. Use lids on pots and pans to reduce cooking time. Bake multiple things at once. Use crockpots, toaster ovens, and microwaves to save energy.
  5. Celebrate the holidays with LED lights. If you decorate with lights, purchase LED holiday lights and keep them on timers.
  6. Have your furnace/boiler serviced each year, and change furnace filters regularly. This will ensure the unit is running safely and efficiently
  7. Use space heaters safely and efficiently. Space heaters can be expensive to run. Only have space heaters on when you are in the room, and keep items around them at a safe distance. 
  8. Bundle up. Warm clothes, blankets, and socks are key in the winter. Rugs are another great way to help your home feel warmer.
  9. Inspect and clean your fireplace. Make sure your fireplace is safe. Close fireplace dampers when you are not using them to prevent heat from escaping.
  10. Redirect ceiling fans. Switch the rotation of ceiling fans to clockwise and operate them at a slow rate to circulate warm air down from the ceiling.
Author: James Birr

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