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How to decipher your electric bill in Minnesota

June 19, 2022

Star Tribune

Mike Hughlett

Utility bills can be confusing. Here’s a breakdown of what all the lines on a typical bill mean and what your bill funds.

The electricity-sucking summer air-conditioning season is upon us, just as energy costs are soaring.

With that in mind, consumers might be scrutinizing their electricity bills. Yet they’ll find some information that seems inscrutable. What follows is a guide for deciphering power bills — particularly for Xcel Energy customers.

With 1.3 million electricity customers in Minnesota, Minneapolis-based Xcel is by far the state’s largest power provider.

Be they big or small, though, electricity providers seek a balance on their bills.

“I have seen a lot of different bills from a lot of different utilities, and some are way too detailed, and some have just the minimum,” said Adam Heinen, vice president of regulatory services at Dakota Electric and a former utility analyst at the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

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Author: Hannah Hoeger

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