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Regulators approve Xcel rate increase

Published May 12, 2017 Yesterday, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a plan under which Xcel residential electricity rates will increase by 10.6 percent over four years. Customers are already paying much of the increase, in a 5.5 percent interim rate increase that went into place in 2016. This is the first multi-year rate plan…

Time to Tune the AC

Published May 8, 2017 Aside from a little snow early this month, it’s been a great May! Now is a good time to make sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape. While you’re doing your spring yard clean up, make sure your AC unit is free of debris. Additionally, just like furnaces, air…

Analysis: Minnesota energy bill would harm consumers

Published May 4, 2017 This week, the Minnesota House and Senate released the latest draft of its package of energy funding and policy bills. The bill would harm Minnesota utility consumers, and CUB urges a “no” vote. The energy package is contained in the broader Jobs omnibus bill (SF 1937). The energy provisions would: Hurt jobs, residential and…

Home insulation can be a year-round money saver

Published March 20, 2017 Today’s energy saving tip comes from the Minnesota Department of Commerce: Proper home insulation is not only a good way to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can also save you money on your energy bills year round. To reduce costly energy waste, especially in older…

Bill could raise rates on families and small businesses

Published March 16, 2017 A bill being heard today in the Senate energy and utilities committee would result in longer and more expensive utility regulatory processes, and would raise energy rates on residential and small business customers. SF 1177/HF 1309 would require economic growth and job retention and growth be considered during the utility ratemaking process….

Bill hike could be coming for Minnesota Power customers

Published March 10, 2017 Minnesota Power customers could soon be paying about 6.7% more on their electric bills under a proposal approved yesterday by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The money would be used to reduce electric costs for 11 industrial customers by 5%. This industrial subsidy, and the associated charge for other customers, is possible under a law passed…

More consideration needed of bill to reduce regulation of new power generation

Published March 9, 2017 A bill before the state Senate Energy and Utilities Committee today would eliminate a step in the regulatory process for constructing new large renewable energy facilities. While there may be ways to streamline regulation without weakening consumer protections, we must fully consider the consequences of a possibly significant change to the way Minnesota handles…

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