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Author Archives: James Birr

What a renter can do to fight climate change

April 17, 2024 Star Tribune Chloe Johnson “”Typically, we focus on behavioral things with renters, so focusing what they do have control over,” said Carmen Carruthers, outreach director for the Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota, or CUB. From a landlord’s perspective, it can be hard to justify raising the rent to cover the cost of…

How to solar power your home to lower your carbon footprint

April 17, 2024 Star Tribune Walker Orenstein “If saving money is your primary reason for going solar, installing a rooftop array could be the best choice. Carruthers said that, depending on your utility, it presents the greatest opportunity for long-term energy savings because after you pay for the panels, “what you’re generating and using is…

Spring Savings: Tips to keep your energy bills low

Published April 15, 2024 After a very mild Minnesota winter, temperatures have begun to rise and the trees are turning green again. Like autumn, Minnesota spring usually correlates to reduced energy bills, as mild temperatures result in reduced heating and cooling usage. However, there are still plenty of strategies to keep your energy usage low…

Utility efficiency rebates for households increase in 2024

Published February 29, 2024 Minnesota’s 2023 legislative session resulted in several fundamental changes to energy policy. It is now a state goal to reach a net-zero emissions economy by 2050, and utilities must transition to generating 100 percent carbon free electricity by 2040. Major changes will have to take place at the utility scale and…

Electric Co-op Members: Make your voice heard in upcoming elections

Published February 28, 2024 If you live in a rural area, odds are that your electricity is provided by a local electric cooperative (co-op). Co-ops are owned by the same community members they serve. Unlike major investor-owned utilities like Xcel or Minnesota Power, electric co-ops are often not typically regulated by the Public Utilities Commission…

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