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Buddy Robinson

Buddy Robinson

Buddy Robinson is recently retired. He served as Staff Director of the MN Citizens Federation NE (previously known as the Senior Federation) from 1979 to 2019. In that work, he was involved in defending the interests of low use, lower income ratepayers in every MN Power rate case, plus a number of other MN PUC proceedings, as well as some related advocacy in the state legislature. In the last two years, he performed some consulting for CUB on MN Power issues. He participates in the Duluth Climate and Energy Network. He has also long been involved in health care reform and is currently on the legislative committee of Health Care for All MN. He has a BA in History and Sociology from Columbia U., and co-wrote, with Mark Hanna, a book on strategies for social change (published in 1994).  An East Coast transplant, he lives in Duluth with his wife Jan.

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