energy efficiency

Energy Star

When purchasing new appliances or electronic equipment, consider looking beyond the price tag and thinking about total cost over the entire time you will have that item, including how much energy it will use. The Energy Star label can help you find equipment that will save you energy – and save you money over the…

Energy Saving Tips Especially for Renters

When talking about energy saving tips, we often get asked, “I’m a renter. What can I do to save energy?” We typically respond: “Quite a lot actually.” There are some obvious limits to renters’ options for controlling energy consumption. For example, renters aren’t likely to go and buy their own energy efficient refrigerator or replace…

October is Energy Awareness Month

At the request of the Citizens Utility Board, Governor Dayton has declared October Energy Awareness Month in Minnesota. With this proclamation, Governor Dayton is emphasizing the importance energy plays in our lives and in the economy of Minnesota. Minnesota has been a leader in creating an energy supply that is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable….