Consumer spotlight

Consumer Spotlight: CUB energy consultation saves the Bentleys $400

One of the many things new homeowners learn is the considerable impact improvements, maintenance and energy in your home can have on your budget. That is what Nikki Bentley and her husband Jeffrey discovered after they purchased their first home, a 1954 rambler, a few years back. Nikki and Jeffrey are environmentally-conscious and want to…

Consumer Spotlight: The Idsos’ energy efficient home

CUB staff were recently in Rochester giving a presentation to Mayo Clinic staff on energy efficiency. In the crowd was Ivan Idso, who, after the presentation was over, asked if CUB would like to join him for a tour of his uber efficient home a few minutes away in Rochester. Of course, CUB staff agreed….

The sustainable real estate agent: Sammi Cook-Kuehn shares what to keep in mind when looking for an energy efficient home

Sammi Cook-Kuehn, a real estate agent focused on energy efficient properties, is always looking to learn more and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly living. That’s what brought Sammi to a CUB energy consultation with our outreach director, Carmen Carruthers, in January. It turned into a great opportunity for us to share information on home energy…

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