Plan Ahead – Get LED Holiday Lights for Next Year Now

Many people love shopping after the holidays and picking up seasonal bargains.  If you like decorating your home with holiday lights, think about adding discounted LED holiday lights to your shopping list.

LED lights use less energy than traditional light bulbs so you will use less electricity, which is good for your budget and for the environment.  LED lights tend to cost more than regular holiday lights so its especially appealing to buy them when they are on clearance or deeply discounted.  The less you spend on the lights themselves, the more likely and more quickly you will realize overall cost savings.  The US Department of Energy provides information on LED lights and estimated costs of buying and operating holiday lights:

If you aren’t using LED holiday lights yet, buy them this year on sale and reduce your energy bills for future holiday seasons.  While you’re at it, see if you can get discounted timers too so your lights turn on and off automatically.  It can pay to plan ahead!

Author: Carmen Carruthers

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