CUB hires Outreach Director

Please join me in welcoming Carmen Carruthers to the CUB team! Carmen is CUB’s new outreach director. She’ll soon be visiting communities around Minnesota, holding bill clinics and workshops and providing one-on-one counseling to anyone with questions about their utilities. Most recently, Carmen worked as a financial associate for Thrivent Financial. She has extensive outreach experience,…

FCC passes rules to protect online privacy

Last Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission made a landmark decision in favor of consumers’ right to privacy online. The ruling limits how internet providers use and sell customer data and asserts that the data belongs to the customers to control. The Washington Post reported: “The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy.”…

Get your home ready for winter

The seasons are changing! Following these tips to prepare your home for winter can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Check for leaks: Inspect windows and door frames for cracks or signs of decay or drafts. Seal any leaks with caulk or weatherstripping, or use a temporary product like rope caulk or a plastic…

Public hearings being held on Rochester-area pipeline proposal

On November 9, let state regulators know what you think of a plan to build a new natural gas pipeline to supply the Rochester area. The state Public Utilities Commission will hold public hearings on the proposed new pipeline. The hearings are your chance to tell regulators what you think. Any member of the public…

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