Protected consumers from millions of dollars in unproven spending on power plants as the primary advocate for energy consumers at the Minnesota Legislature.
Carmen consultSaved Minnesota households $150 and 1,500 pounds of carbon emissions per year on average with each individual energy consultation. That’s like each person driving nearly 2,000 fewer miles a year.
Sheekh tablingHelped over 1,700 Minnesotans cut their energy bills through presentations, events, and our signature utility bill clinics.
Power linesAdvocated for cheaper, cleaner energy options through a modernized electric grid, consumer-friendly rates, cost-effective renewable energy, and advanced utility pilots.
CUB presentation iconMade Minnesotans aware of energy policy decisions that affect them, and helped consumers make their voices heard in the process.
CUB helped 1,800 people save money on their utility bills, reduce their carbon emissions profile, and become more energy efficient through energy presentations, interactions at community events, and one-on-one utility bill consultations.
Won consumer protections at the legislature that would have otherwise allowed Xcel Energy to charge customers for a new power plant with nearly no regulatory review.
Helped correct a state practice that over-taxed people with solar panels and got as much as $1,500 in refunds for each over-charged customer.
Represented the consumer perspective in task forces to ensure consumer protections in clean energy financing; increase energy efficiency; and maximize cost effective, renewable energy.
Made Minnesotans aware of pending rate increases that would affect them, and helped consumers make their voices heard in the process.
Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota founded.


The Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota was formed in 2016 to advocate for Minnesota’s residential and small business utility consumers. The energy world is changing fast – with low-cost renewables, customer-owned generation, new grid technologies, electrification of energy uses like transportation and heating, and energy efficiency combining to dramatically change the world of energy and the policies and regulations that govern it. CUB was formed to advocate for consumers as these policies are being written to take advantage of the new opportunities for cleaner and more affordable energy and to help consumers understand the options available to them.

The Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota is based on the model of the very successful Citizens Utility Board of Illinois. CUB Illinois has been praised by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the “gold standard” of consumer advocates, and has saved consumers more than $20 billion since its founding in 1984.

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