Kristin Munsch

Kristin Munsch


Deputy Director, Citizens Utility Board of Illinois

Kristin Munsch has appeared before the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding utility rate issues; electricity supply and distributed energy resource planning, procurement and regulation; and competitive market issues, with a particular focus on the use of new technologies to benefit utility customers. Kristin is currently a member of the Illinois Smart Grid Advisory Council, a member of the Board of Directors for the Energy Foundry, and Treasurer of the Board for the Consumer Advocates of PJM States. She has spoken before the Chicago Bar Association, the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies, American Gas Association Rates School, Women’s Energy Summit, and the Critical Consumer Issues Forum on customer education, rate design, data access and challenges in designing a “utility of the future” for customer benefit. Prior to joining CUB, Kristin was an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois in the Public Utilities Bureau. Kristin is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

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